Do You Have A Case?

Is there false information on your credit report?
Is someone else's name on your credit report?
Is your credit report merged with someone else's credit report?
Is your credit report mixed with a family member's?
In your family, do father and son have the same name (one is junior, and one is senior) and do both names show up on one credit report?
Do you have a mixed credit file?
Or a split credit file?
Is someone else's debt on your credit report?
Are you wondering, "how do I get something off my credit report that is not mine?"
Is someone else's criminal record in your background check?
Is a debt that was discharged in bankruptcy showing up as unpaid on your credit report, with no mention of the discharge or bankruptcy?

Is a debt collector harassing you about a bill you already paid? Does the credit reporting agency (credit bureau) think that you are someone else?

Then you probably have a case. I help many people with problems like these in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, and throughout King County and Pierce County. What you should do right away to deal with this problem is mail detailed written disputes to credit reorting agencies (aka "credit bureaus"), but often that's not enough to fix it. That's where I come in. They shouldn't get away with pushing you around. I won't let them.

Do Any Of These Scenarios Sound Familiar?:

  • My parent's or sibling's stuff is on my credit report, and it is hurting my score because he/she has bad credit (and I don't).
  • Someone else I have never heard of is on my credit report - along with their social security number and bad debt, and it won't come off!
  • I had to file bankruptcy several years ago, and I've been working hard to rebuild my credit ever since. Suddenly, some of my creditors are reporting the debts on my credit report as if the bankruptcy never happened. My mortgage broker told me the accounts that are falsely reporting as unpaid are actually hurting me worse than the bankruptcy. Just when I thought I had bounced back, this is really screwing me up!
  • I am getting phone calls from a debt collection agency looking for someone else. They tell me they got my information from Equifax, Experian or Trans Union.
  • Someone else's name is on my credit report (a "mixed file") and even after I have disputed it with the credit reporting agencies (credit bureaus) the wrong information is still there.
  • I can't get a home loan or an auto loan because of false accounts or other errors on my credit report.
  • I am the victim of identity theft.

If so, call 888-339-3942 to see if we are a good fit to solve your problem.

If your debt is reported accurately, we're not a good fit.

If your debt is reported accurately, I won't file a lawsuit for you. I wish I could help everybody, but I can't. Thankfully, there's a ton of helpful information online for people who don't have legal claims but still need help. If you have really bad credit and that's your own doing, read these websites:

NACA's website has a lot of helpful information and a list of more lawyers in Washington State who help consumers. You can check that out here:

You can also try your local county bar association lawyer referral service, WSBA's Moderate Means Program, or the NW Justice CLEAR Hotline. Contact information for these along with other helpful information is available at this link:

The Washington State Attorney General Consumer Protection Division has information about consumer topics and how to file a consumer complaint with that agency.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also has information about consumer topics and how to file a consumer complaint with that agency.

I'm not judging or trying to be harsh here — I know life can toss you lemons. It's just the facts. By law, bad credit can stay on your credit report for seven years, and judgements and bankruptcies ten years. I can't make it go away. The cases I take involve credit reporting agencies, and furnishers (the creditors that report accounts to the "bureaus") doing the wrong things, such as reporting a paid or discharged debt as "unpaid" on a credit report, or mixing consumers' files with the credit files of other consumers. If your credit report seems accurate to you, you probably don't have a case. If, however, your credit report is simply false and wrong (even if you had a bankruptcy or haven't been perfect), then let's talk.

Have you mailed a written dispute yet?

If you have just noticed the error, there are things you can and should do right away. Mail a polite dispute letter to the credit reporting agency (aka "credit bureau") explaining what is inaccurate and why, and include photocopies of your proof. In the case of a debt that was discharged, you might include your bankruptcy documents. In the case of a mixed file where someone else's name and accounts show up on your credit report, proof of your identity such as utility bills going to your current address, a photocopy of your drivers license and photocopy of your social security card can help you show that you're not the other person. Keep a photocopy of your entire dispute package and your certified mail receipts.

It's also really important to save all credit denial letters. These are called "adverse action letters." If you are turned down for a credit card, apartment or a loan, you should receive a letter stating the reasons why, such as "number of revolving accounts" and "collection or public record filed." Even though these letters can be annoying and painful to look at, do not throw them away! They can wind up being useful if you have a case.

If you are going in circles with this, it may be time to bring in someone like me, who has handled dozens of cases like yours and knows the main laws that protect you — the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) — like the back of her hand.

Is This Really Worth A Consumer Rights Lawsuit?

It is sometimes necessary to bring a big company to court in order to get them to take accountability for their screw-ups. If a credit reporting agency ("credit bureau") or furnisher (creditor who is reporting accounts to the "bureau") is preventing you from buying a home you can afford in a neighborhood you want to be in, renting an apartment, buying a car or otherwise getting a loan you need to live your dreams, let's see what we can do for you.

I believe consumer rights are some of our most precious rights as Americans. A free society and a free market depend on the circulation of true information and peaceful resolution of disputes. The 7th Amendment protects your right to a jury trial in a civil case, and these privacy statutes protect your ability to participate meaningfully in our free-market economy that is increasingly run by huge computers. Sure, you didn't get run over by a truck. Sure, you aren't facing jail time due to an alleged crime. But you have been injured — the higher interest rate, the sleepless nights, the hours of time spent on the phone and writing disputes, and the frustration you feel are how you have been damaged. When YOU are credit-worthy, but something that is false or not yours causes you to be turned down unfairly, our economy suffers - not just you. This is why I am a voice for consumers.

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I am a member of NACA, the National Association of Consumer Advocates.